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Children of the Digital Age – An Internet Guide Safety Guide

Today we all live in a modern Digital Age. This new era offers us incredible opportunities through the use of the many differing forms of digital devices that are available to us. Every home will now have a number of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles. The advantages in education, communication, networking etc. are incredible.

While the Internet has provided so many advantages, a number of less than pleasant disadvantages have presented. We all agree that the Internet for the most part is a safe environment for all. We just need to know how to navigate it in a safe and secure was. At Children of the Digital Age we seek to educate parents and children of all ages so that that can enjoy a safe surfing experience.

If you are concerned about permitting your child, to access the internet. Unsure of the dangers your children will face online such as Cyber Bulling, Child Exploitation, Grooming, Sexting, Sexploitation and more, then you will benefit from the presentations we provide.

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