Inappropriate Content

Inappropriate Content

Viewing Reading Inappropriate Content in Ireland


The internet offers so much content to us these days via text, images and video. Unfortunately not everything that is posted online is appropriate for all users. Some content is not suitaxble for younger persons who access the internet. Parents need to understand that you are always only a single click away from being exposed to images or video which can have long lasting negative impact on a younger viewer. Examples of these would be

  • Pornography Sites
  • Gambling Sites
  • Radicalisation Sites
  • Adult orientated sites that encourage violence, eating disorders, suicide etc.
  • Adult orientated sites that show violence such as beheading videos etc.
  • Adult themed video and text and chat rooms


Parents Knowing the problem

Tips for Parents

Parental Controls offer a means to restrict access to these sites. However you should remember that no technology is 100% reliable in this area. Have a conversation with your child and help them understand the importance of

  • Age appropriate material and content
  • The importance of having agreed rules in relation to what they should and should not access on a device
  • Remind them that it is ok to tell you as a parent if they have stumbled upon something or have seen something online that upsets them
  • Set up Parental Controls
  • Make sure every device is protected
  • Talk to the parents of your children’s friends and make it clear what your position is on Internet Access, after all you may have your devices protected but your neighbour may not have
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