Parents and Adult Presentations in Ireland

Parents and Adult Presentations

Our parents presentation have been prepared based on the research of genuine cases of child exploitation, best international practices and the most current research available to us. As with all of our presentations we are constantly updating the content of the presentations as we identify new trends or areas of importance which parents need to know about.

The presentation is 2 hours in length which includes a question and answer session. It is generally delivered following the children’s presentations as we prefer to share our frequent eye opening details that the children of the parents who attend have shared with us. We are all too aware that some parents may feel that they content may be above their own knowledge base. It was with this thought in mind that the parents presentation was designed to be delivered in a fully comprehensible way irrelevant of technical experience or know how.

The presentation is divided in to two parts. The first concentrates of a parents own safety on line, with the second focused on the many areas which children face online on a daily basis.

Some of the topics that are covered include Passwords, Personal Information, Digital Footprint, Inappropriate Content, Screen Game and Pornography Addiction, Social Media, Cyberbullying, The concept of Stranger Danger, Child Exploitation, Sexting, Sextortion and much more.

Parents are also invited to follow up with us to ensure that if there is any particular issue that a parent is experiencing we will provide follow up support by direct email and through our Facebook Page and Webpage.

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