Online predators

In almost every report or statistic currently being published, the numbers appear to be heading only in one direction. UP. It is possible that we are still some way off the peak of the damaging impact that exposure to digital devices are having on young children. Many will not realise they are being targeted or victimized at the time. The pressure to remain silent or have an image released online might be having a greater impact then we are aware of.

Online predators will feed of off the fear and silence of a victim. Education from an early age is essential to ensure the protection of our children online. Get the conversation happening at home. Ensure that your children are aware that the online world is not a toy. It is a playground that can be filled with some dangerous individuals, and just like the real world we need to be able to identify, avoid and report suspicious characters who are encountered online.…/nspcc-28-per-cent-increase-in-…/…

THERE has been a 28 per cent increase in recorded online child sex offences across the north, a child protection charity has claimed.