School Presentations in Ireland

Post Primary School Presentations

Most of the children that we encounter at this age group are well experienced in the use of technology.

With the presentations that we deliver to them we encourage interactive discussion on the topics that we deal with. We believe that it is important that we are not there to preach to young adults, we think that it is far more productive to engage with them.

Children in this age group face more pressures then that of any person of their age in previous generations. Their whole lives are online and the whole world is watching. There are strong aspects of mental health which have to be considered with young adults. We are very conscious of this.

The content we deliver includes topics such as, Personal Information, Digital Footprint, Inappropriate Content, Screen Game and Pornography Addiction, Cyberbullying, The concept of the Child Exploitation, Sexting, Sextortion and much more.

As with all of our presentations they are dynamic, interactive, fun delivered by highly experienced presenters and accompanied by a power point presentation. Each presentation can run between 40 min to 1 hour depending on the level of interaction.

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